We are a running club who runs with American flags and arranges American flags to be flown at historical sites for local heroes. We run for equality and we run for public safety. 

Our Story

Thank you for your interest in our running club. Be sure to bring your American flags to the Sparks Marina every 4th of July at Noon, for the annual flag-run known as the "Century of Thanks!" In the Spring of 2014 a group of guys were sitting at a sports bar in Sparks, Nevada, talking about how we pay taxes in exchange for security. It was an interesting conversation. It was a convo about how our military personnel had been losing their homes, not able to find good jobs. It moved on to how hateful social networking and how rap musicians influence a new generation to think of Cops as the enemies, instead of their protectors of the peace. These problems are still on the rise. But wait, there's more! Firefighters have been understaffed around our beloved home of the brave. The layoffs were continuing and lives are being put at risk. Suicides among our former and current Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen and women are on a rise. What can we do to raise an awareness on these issues in the Reno, Sparks and Truckee Meadows community?
We started a running club with one goal: to run the Sparks Marina daily from June the 1st, 2014 until July the 4th, 2015. Reno resident Robert Mead grabbed his flag, lifelong friend Dan Sauceda grabbed his flag and we ran the Sparks Marina lake for the first time with American flags on that beautiful June day. In that first month we had been spat at, harassed and even attacked once. A local college student by the name of Mary got in contact with us and told us REMSA Medics had saved her husband's life. On top of that, he came to this country with just the clothes on his back and dreams in his heart. His name is Charles Gaytan. He brought his flag and we now had a running club that promotes supporting public safety.
We started doing our daily runs at unpredictable times for our safety and daily, we ran with our flags. Then the community got involved. Between the years of 2014 and 2015 we had hundreds of people from all walks of lives and from all over the world run with us. On July the 4th, 2015 Sparks Firefighters, Police Officers, MANY military personnel and the whole community joined us and the Sparks Marina lake turned into a "Red-White-and-Blue-out" with MANY people running with their American flags to support the backbone of our country: Firemen, Cops, First Responders and our past and present Military Personnel. Where you stood politically didn't matter for that day, it was just a day we could all be proud to be Americans. After we ran nearly every day for a year with flags and that final Independence Day victory lap, a joint U.S. Marine Corps and Sparks Fire Department Honor Guard folded our flags. Dan Sauceda's flag he ran with for a year went to his Korean War Veteran grandfather's tombstone marker in Texas. At the time the hero passed away, the family didn't have the funds for a tombstone. Charles Gaytan's flag he ran with for a year went to REMSA Medics, for saving his life. Robert Mead's flag he ran with for a year went to the family of fallen Irish Bray Fire Brigade Sub Officer Brian Murray's family in Ireland. Sparks Fire Department's American flag went to the family of fallen Bray Fire Brigade Firefighter Mark O'Shaughnessy's family. (Bray Fire Brigade in Ireland reached out to Americans in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.)

So bring your American flags, to our Easter Rising Flag Runners in Ireland, get your asses over here with your Irish tricolors and run with us in our Century of Thanks. Remember, everyone is welcomed, the admition is free (paid for by the sacrifices of our nation's bravest), just bring your flags, look pretty and run! Annual meeting spot every 4th of July at noon is at Sparks native slash fallen Lance Corporal Donald Cline's memorial Tree. DON'T FORGET OUR HEROES!!!